Just got back from an extremely muddy and sweaty trip to Chicago. Pitchfork Festival was a blast, and you can read about the music on any number of blogs, so here are a few of my favorite non-musical events from the show:

1. Dizzee Rascal making fun of Fleet Foxes and their fans immediately upon hitting the stage. Terrifying.

2. King Khan – shirtless and wearing tiny shorts and a cape – trying to throw a beach ball at High Places, hitting a pole instead, and being chased away from the stage by a security guard.

3. King Khan walking briskly toward the VIP area, shirtless and wearing tiny shorts, a cape, and a blue face mask/helmet combo, answering a photo request with “I don’t have time!”

4. The crestfallen look on the faces of people in line for a food booth after they announced, “All we have left is vegetarian frito pie!”

5. The old-married-couple bickering between Flavor Flav and Chuck D.