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Zeek II

The second part of the Israel piece is up. Frankly I like the first one more – I should have given myself more time to write this one. There is also some formatting weirdness – you should know that the name of the first subsection is titled “Rhythm Nation,” which I find to be both appropriate and delightful. There’s also a lot of white space, which bothers me for some reason. During my brief stint as an editor at my college paper, I learned to abhor white space, and I’m still getting used to its charms.


The first part of a two-part piece I’m writing about Taglit for Zeek’s website is up for your perusal.

Excerpt from a Work in Progress (Coming Along Fine, Thanks)


A half-coherent murmur drifts up from the back of the bus. Forced to find a position between the impending Gaza invasion’s moral aporia and a night at Big Ben, I choose the bulwark of a temporary, recalcitrant silence.

Brief Update

Time is tight. Blogging may have to wait until I get home. Suffices to say, Israel is beautiful, I am safe, and there is lots I want to write about so far.


My flight for Israel leaves later tonight. I’m going to try to post about the trip every day, but we’ll see what happens. Obviously I’m not the most diligent blogger, but I anticipate having lots to say. So.

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